Nordic Mythology Podcast

Ep 74 - The Raven Flag - It's Complicated

July 22, 2021 Mathias Nordvig and Daniel Farrand Episode 74
Nordic Mythology Podcast
Ep 74 - The Raven Flag - It's Complicated
Show Notes

This week we are trying something new on NMP! Entirely on purpose (and not at all due to a scheduling snafu) Mathias and Daniel are sitting down with Rune Rasmussen from the Nordic Animism Youtube channel, Jonas Lorentzen from the band Nebala, and Eco-Philosopher and co-founder of Matr Food Naina Eira. Together this distinguished group will be talking about Rune's latest project, and more specifically the Raven Flag he has created as a symbol for the contemporary bond between animism and nature. This is both our longest episode ever, and our first panel discussion, so bear with us because it's going to get complicated fast!

If you would like to see Rune's own video on the Raven Flag you can find it here.

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